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Eunhasu is Web-based GUI to control network music player which made on Linux OS. Easy and simple to use functions via Web GUI. Eunhasu could be used with PC or various apps in smart devices.

Eunhasu features

  • Web GUI
    • Easy system configuration
    • Selectable music player applications
    • Selectable and configurable USB audio devices
    • Network share folder and USB storage device setting
  • Roon Ready
  • Roon Server sMS-1000SQ feature
  • MinimServer sMS-1000SQ feature
  • DLNA audio renderer, OpenHome support
  • MPD (Music Player Daemon)
  • LMS (Logitech Media Server)
  • Squeezelite
  • HQPlayer Network Audio Adapter
  • Shairport
  • LibreSpot
  • Multi-zone network playback

Eunhasu available model


Please click a link to show description of each services.

sMS-200 and sMS-200ultra services

sMS-1000SQ services

Eunhasu usage


Open the web browser on a PC or smart device and connect to http://eunhasu. On Apple® device, connect to http://eunhasu.local. You can get Eunhasu device’s IP address or link from if you’re using Android device. It's working based on IPv4 network. If either of above paths would not make connection to Eunhasu Web GUI, check the router setup to find out the IP address of your device(e.g. sMS-200 or sMS-1000SQ). And then enter your device's IP address like directly on the browser to connect to Eunhasu Web GUI. If you still couldn’t access the Eunhasu Web GUI, you will need to check network status or power connection is okay. If you connect to Eunhasu Web GUI successfully, you will see the home screen as like the image below.

Select functions

To select the function on the Web GUI, mouse over the desired icon and then action buttons( ) will be appeared. On the smart devices, touch over the desired player icon and then the action buttons will be appeared like when using a mouse.

For example, in case of Roon Ready service, you can change states to 'Active' by icon click.

'Active' states. Not only Roon Ready service but other services has similar screen.

If you're faced on abnormal states screen or keep loading animation going on, please reload page.
Screenshots would be different because new services and features added.

System setup

There are changing system name and background image, setup wifi, setting library, system upgrade, reboot and power off.

Change general config

  • Host name: A name of sMS-200 appearing on the network. If you use multiple Eunhasu-enabled device on the network, you will need to use different host name for each devices. English only and no blank allowed on naming.
  • Workgroup: A workgroup name for share folder on the network, normally “WORKGOUP” is used, but can change if required. English only and no blank allowed on naming.
  • IP: Dynamic and static IP setting.

Don not forget your static IP address. If you forgot the address, please following instructions or reburn micro SD card to reset.
  1. power on device.
  2. unplug wired LAN cable from device.
  3. wait over 15 minutes.
  4. plug wired LAN cable again.
  5. rebooting device
  • Save & Reboot system: Save the information and reboot the product.
  • Cancel: Go back to the home screen.

Change background

To change background, only jpeg and png formats are allowed. If it's not applied after upload file, that could be caused by web browser cache feature. Plase reload pages.

Wifi setup

Please refer to how_to_use_wifi_in_eunhasu page.

Library setup

Set up the path for network library and enable the USB storage device to use.

  • NAME: A library folder name appearing on Logitech Media Server or MPD. Only English, no blank and numeric.
  • PATH: A network sharing folder path. The path should be like screen shot.
  • ID: Enter an ID if it is required to access the network sharing folder.
  • PW: Enter a password if it is required to access the network sharing folder.
  • Save & Use: Save the information you entered and use.
  • Save: Save the information you entered but not in use.
  • Remove: Remove the information you entered.
  • Automatic USB storage mount: Enable or disable the USB storage device, up to 2 USB storage devices can be used.
    • Check 'Automatic USB storage mount' to be enabled. The USB storage device will be auto-recognized and assign the music folder on Logitech Media Server or MPD as appearing USB1 or USB2 folder.
  • Sync mode mount: Enable or disable sync mode when storage mounted.
    • Check 'Sync mode mount' to be enabled, the USB storage device will be mounted as sync mode. It is synchronous attachment which makes files in the storage more safety but might be slow system.
  • Save changes: Save the new or modified information you entered.
  • Cancel: Go back to the home screen.
The new network share folder information can be added after saving the current entered information. Eunhasu only supports SMB protocol with no-spaced-path name
  1. Do not mount Eunhasu itself recursively. It makes system operation slowly because music files would be duplicated during making library. e.g.) /eunhasu/music/USB1 ✘
  2. In case of sMS-1000SQ, do not mount same point with RoonServer. That makes Roon library unavailable.
  • An external USB storage device in exFAT format is supportive from Eunhasu V0.2.7. And multi partitions cannot be mounted normally, we recommend connecting 1 partition USB storage device.

Access Eunhasu folder


You can access Eunhasu share folder to manage music file. Select 'EUNHASU' in 'Network' part of Explorer. If you have serveral Eunhasu-enabled devices, please change system name because it could conflict in network.

You can access by direct path, \\EUNHASU\mwdata\music

The image below shows the screen after you enter to 'mwdata'. ;mwdata' is a name of share folder in Eunhasu.

If you want to copy files into sMS-1000SQ music directory, drag and drop files to the path, \\EUNHASU\mwdata\music, like the screen shot below:

If you want to copy files into sMS-1000SQ music directory which has the additional internal storage drive installed, drag and drop files to the path, \\EUNHASU\mwdata\music\HDD1

If you want to check the music file in the external USB storage drive connected into sMS-1000SQ, please check the path, \\EUNHASU\mwdata\music\USB1


You can access Eunhasu share folder by Finder. Please connect as 'Guest' id to access.

System upgrade

Upgrade your system.

  • Upgrade now: It stops all services and upgrade the software.
  • Cancel: Go back to the home screen.
  • The upgrade may require a long time, the power should be on in the mean time upgrading. You have to follow recovery instructionif the upgrade failed by forced power off or non-system environment.
  • To safe your data, please remove whole your attached storage before starting the upgrade .

The progress bar of the upgrading would be shown when the upgrade get started.

If the upgrade exists, the yellow icon shows up at right of “System Setup”.

If you have to upgrade mandatorily, Eunhasu shows the pop-up window to notify.

Reboot and power off

Reboot and power off system.

Reboot will take 2~3 mins. It depends on device settings like connection storage or other accessories.

'power off' would not be working immediately. It takes a few seconds. If you unplug power cord, your storage or device might have damaged. Please use 'power off' function when you need to power off device.

Precautionary statement

  • Eunhasu-enabled device(e.g. sMS-200 or sMS-1000SQ) and control devices such as PC or smart device must be connected in the same local network.
  • Check your USB audio output before using Eunhasu.
  • When using the external storage device, we recommend using the external hard drive which get powered separately, and you can use upto 4TB drive. (To stability, recommend using external power cord when connecting external USB storage devices.)
  • An external HDD should be one partition and NTFS or VFAT filesystem recommended.
  • Recommend using one of USB ports only. If you use several USB ports at the same time, sound quality may be degraded.
  • Eunhasu may not be working on IPv6 network. It was developed and tested in IPv4 network environment.
  • If mwdata folder space were 100% full, main system would be abnormal states and not be operated normally. External USB storage devices are not applicable.
  • An external USB storage device can be used in Squeezelite or MPD/DLNA feature.

Additional tips

Direct connection for Windows

Re-burning SD Card

Only for sMS-200, to initialize whole system.

File Tag Encoding and Display Issues

IckStream in LMS

LMS should be restarted when you reboot Eunhasu because IckStream plugin could not get the login information just after the reboot.
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