SOtM docs

This instruction is for Eunhasu upgrade which is not able to upgrade by clicking the upgrade button on the Eunhasu upgrade page.

There are 3 ways to do the upgrade.

First, Samba : It is for Windows file sharing protocol. To access sMS-200 through SMB, type \\eunhasu\mwdata\music in windows file explorer. The sMS-200 should be connected in the same network.

Second, USB memory stick : It is internal debug mode. To use this method for the upgrade, several conditions should be matched.

Finally, imageUSB utility : This is external application to write entire image of the latest version to SD card.

By samba share

  1. Download upgrade-last.tar file from server
  2. Copy upgrade-last.tar to Eunhasu samba directory \\eunhasu\mwdata\music
    1. upgrade_server={EUNHASU_IP}/music is possible


  1. Format USB to FAT32
  2. Change USB label to SOTMDEBUG and it must be upper case
  3. Download upgrade-last.tar file from server
  4. Copy the downloaded upgrade-last.tar to the USB root directory
  5. Download this file and rename to run_debug.txt
  6. Copy run_debug.txt to the USB root directory
  7. run_debug.txt file must contain following strings
    upgrade force
  8. Remove whole inserted USB stick on sMS-200
  9. Insert SOTMDEBUG USB to sMS-200
  10. On working, blink the left LED
  11. After finishing, the left LED off

By external utility