SOtM docs

How to use Tidal service in LMS.

1. Create a TIDAL account. You must have a TIDAL HIFI or Premium account in order to use TIDAL service with sMS-200's Squeezelite feature.

2. Create a account You can create an account at for free. Once you have created and verified your account user name and password you can login to your account on the website and select ‘App Gallery’ and scroll down to ‘TIDAL’. Press ‘Install App’ and then ‘Configure’ when it is displayed.

This will add TIDAL to your list of services provided by If you already had an account then TIDAL will be added to the list of other services that you selected. You must now enter the username and password for your TIDAL Premium or HIFI account. Your account will be varified and then added to

3. Setup Logitech Media server's settings page.

3.1. Open Logitech Media Server and click Settings at the bottom right side of the page. Select tab, and enter your user name and password of your account and press Apply button.

3.2. You will need to restart the device to make it registered with your account. Once rebooted, select ‘Plugins’ tab in Settings page. And select ‘TIDAL’ plugin, restart the Logitech Media Server when prompted to do so.

3.3. Restart Eunhasu in order for the new services to appear in the ‘My Apps’ section, and it may take some time to be appeared the plugin to the my Apps with your mysqueezebo.xom account.