SOtM docs

How to use Qobuz in LMS.

1. Activate Sqeezelite feature on Eunhasu.

2. Open LMS.

3. Click ‘Settings’ on the right bottom side of the LMS page.

4. Click ‘Plugins’ tab, and find Qobuz plugin which is unchecked in 3rd party plugins.

5. Check Qobuz plugin and click ‘Apply’ button and it will ask you to restart. Please click Restar now button. And Qobuz plugin will be in Updated plugins available.

6. Go do ‘Advanced’ tab after a while till the Logitech media server would be restarted.

7. And find ‘Qobuz’ in the drop down menu on the left upper side.

8. Login to Qobuz in the page and click ‘Apply’ button.

9. Close the settings page, and restart LMS page.

10. You are able to see Qobuz plugin installed under My Apps.