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Roon is a high quality service to playback and manage your music files. Roon consists of a single Core and as many Controls and Outputs. Detail usage is available in Roon site.

Roon Ready

Roon Ready is a network music playback service which should be used with Roon Server and Roon Remote. Easy and simple user experience are supported. Roon Ready is an optimized version of RoonBridge.

Roon Ready config

  • Audio device config: Select a radio button of USB DAC which is going to use and click ‘Save changes’ to use the USB DAC.
  • Volume mode: Choose volume mode among Fixed, Software and Device Controls.
  • DSD mode: Choose one of DSD playback mode among NONE, NATIVE, DOP, DCS, NATIVE / DOP, NATIVE / DCS which USB DAC can support.
  • DSD rate: Choose one of DSD music file rate among x64, x128 or x256 which USB DAC can support.
  • Buffer duration: Set from 0.01 to 0.1 with step 0.01. Set up the buffer duration value. If music playback has any issue, need to adjust this value.
  • Resync delay: Set from 0.1 to 0.5 with step 0.01.

Roon Ready usage

You have to check USB DAC connection before starting Roon Ready

First, Roon Server should be operated normally in the same local network.

Change Roon Ready state to be 'Active'.

Enable SOtM sMS-200 in Settings > Audio configuration of Roon Remote.

Change a device name if you need.

Select a Audio Zone what you want to use.

demo video:

Roon Server

Roon Server has Roon Core and Roon Output. The server is able to manage audio outputs, it also can search and playback music via Roon Remote. You can get more information about Roon Server in Roonlabs web site.

From Roon version 1.3, it supports sample rate conversion, however sMS-1000SQ does not convert to DSD by our internal test. Max PCM rate is supported to 384 khz.

Roon Server usage

Change Roon Server state to be 'Active' by starting Roon Server on Eunhasu.

Change Roon core to sMS-1000SQ in Roon controller(apps) after Roon Server is in 'Active' state.

Select an audio output device connecting to Roon core.

Change an audio device name if you need.

Select a Audio Zone to use.

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT MOUNT THE LIBRARY TO THE SAME POINT WITH ROON CORE OF EUNHASU DEVICE. If you mount the same point, Eunhasu system and Roon Core would be conflicted.

Last Updated: 2018/08/27 23:10